So How Does SEO Work? 

In simple terms, SEO is how web designers and SEO experts set up your website to be seen by Google, and then matches your website to those searches. 


Yes, it's that simple in theory! In practice however it's a lot more complicated. Creating an effective SEO strategy is a vital part of ensuring that you get your website seen by Google, and that it is effectively matched to the correct searches that people are conveying.


Why Is SEO So Hard To Perfect?

The way I see it, it's two main reasons - the first is that Google never really tells us how their search algorithm works - and the second is competition! There is so much competition online to be the on first page of Google that businesses are constantly refining their SEO to ensure that they remain relevant in the eyes of Googlebot (don't ask - this is a story for another day).


Sound Confusing & Don't Know Where To Start?

Don't worry about the detail - that's why I'm here. We formulate an SEO strategy for you and will continue to refine and report the results back through to you. Interested?