• Rod Thompson

Why do small businesses struggle with social media?

So ever wondered why small businesses turn to medium and medium-sized ones turn to large businesses and so on? Well, it's not an exact science but the answer largely lies in two things, maybe three. 

  1. Making smart decisions around where their focuses should be.

  2. Narrowing the scope of #marketing decisions with a clear #strategy in mind which includes #socialmedia.

  3. The cost.

So let's start with your #socialmediamarketing strategy. How many social media channels are you currently using? Not sure? I use two. #LinkedIn & #Twitter. Why? Because they are largely both B2B focused - get it! 

Why not #Instagram for me? Well, quite frankly I don't think that potential clients need to see me sitting in the home office while I'm 'IG live'in' my coffee cup. It's not the right medium. and this is where clear strategy comes in. 

Strategy not only delivers a clear purpose, but also stops you from wasting time on things that aren't relevant - therefore maximizing your time on the important things.

So the question to ask yourself? Where should your focus be this year? What are your end goals? More sales yes! But that's the result, not the process.

This is why at the back end of 2019 I purposely decided to focus my efforts on building a specialist small to medium business marketing profile and help with 'Untangling the Web'.

So the third point I mentioned is cost. Social media is largely free, by being smart you can stretch your budget to maximize your results.

Some well-produced images from your iPhone and some hashtags with a smart-ass comment and you're away - so why not try something today?

Think about where your customers are and research them, it doesn't take long to figure out that yes my customers are active on Twitter daily for example, perhaps I should join them and be part of the conversation.

There is simply too much to do in this big wide digital world for SME's to manage, that's ok, just focus on what you really want to do, what will give you the best ROI, and be great at it!!!

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