• Rod Thompson

This is THE most important feature of your website in 2019!

Ever wondered what the most important feature of a website in 2019 is? Well as it turns out, it may not be your layout, or your readability, or your design, or your SEO. The most important feature of your website in 2019 may actually be the 's' in the https://. 

Why I hear you ask? Well, in a broadly veiled reference to the 1930's children's book/carton, this little 's' that could is what is ensuring that your website, and hence any visitors experience on your website - is secure!

So a number of years ago Google began referencing websites that are secure, why would they do that? Well there are actually three main reasons & why the little 's' that could is needed;

1. HTTPS protects the integrity of your website - this is basically Google ensuring that there are no malicious attacks on your site.

2. HTTPS protects the privacy and security of your users - ever wondered if your boss can check your browser history, well they can. So imagine if your privacy can be breached by an un-secure website whereby an intruder can see your search history and discover information about you that you thought was safe and secure.

3. HTTPS is the future of the web - most of the new web platforms such as web apps will or are already requiring https - so get on board.

Not sure if your site is secure? 

Well there's a simple way, just have a look at the top of your screen in your browser - yes the box where the domain name is. Do you see a lock and the 's' after http? If so you're good, if not - you need to get this fixed as a matter of urgency.

Why is https important?

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