• Rod Thompson

Google Reviews vs Influencer Marketing - which is better?

If you're anything like me the term #influencermarketing makes you squirm a little. The thought of someone being paid to promote a product or service fills me with a slight amount of cynicism around the honest intentions of the influencer.

I mean let's be honest, if you pay enough money you can get people to say just about anything, right?! So how is it that influencers are gaining such notoriety and exposure in the online world? Well, IMO the reality is because of everyone wanting to be associated with successful people of which they think reflects positively on their business or brand.

This then poses the question, who do you trust more, the influencer, or online reviews? I'd bet my left one that more people than not would trust the #googlereview than the person getting paid to review or promote a product or service.

Granted, #onlinereviews can be manipulated, and generally, if you're active online and with your customer's most bad reviews can be resolved with a simple response and often an apology, but if you're really looking for quantitative measurement of business, online reviews have it in my opinion.

Still not sure? Ok, check out #tripadvisor and tell me that you haven't read a review or two thousand before booking that hotel or gone to that restaurant vs the pretty photo of Kim Kardashian at the rooftop bar after being paid $100,000 to be there spruiking the place.

Believe it or not, Google Reviews and general online reviews such as #yelp are here to stay and are going to continue to have a massive impact on your customer base.

'Hold on Rod, you don't have a review area on your website?'. No, I don't you're right. But I'm taking steps to correct this and you'll see a dramatically different approach in the next month or so, but my business is also not heavily dependant on reviews to generate foot traffic either, so, depending on your type of business, if you don't have some form of review program set up on your website, you're behind the game.

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