• Rod Thompson

Google My Business! Go On, I Dare You...

Getting Online in 2019! Where do I start?!

Ever asked yourself this question? Maybe not out loud but maybe in the back of your head? Afraid to say you don't know? Afraid to ask for help?

Little tip...YOU'RE NOT ALONE! The reality is SME's are too busy in the day to day running of or in some instances - from, to have the time to invest. Luckily, for you, I've put together a little starter pack to help at least relieve some of the anxiety.

Heard of Google?! Rhetorical - YES. Unnecessary - NO!  Just accept it! You need them. Especially, ESPECIALLY for local search results. Ever googled your business and the only profile you get is the outdated White Pages listing or the ABN details from ASIC... If only there was a way that SME's could utilise the power of Google to have an effective online presence that Google promotes over others. Well grab on to your chair, there is! It's called Google My Business (GMB) and it's been around since June 2014. Stay calm, you're only four and a half years behind other businesses that have a current online presence, not the ten to twenty you may have thought you were. Why is it important? Because it does four things...

1. Increases your businesses visibility in search results.

2. Provides a better shopping experience for potential buyers.

3. Generates more traffic to your website, social channels, and front door. But the most important thing GMB does is this fourth thing...

4. It helps Google understand who your business is and what you do to help with the other three. Make sense? Have I helped? Are you more confused than ever? No problems, luckily I can help you, just give me a call today to find out how we can begin so people can Google Your Business (see what I did there - yeah you did) today!

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