• Rod Thompson

Do I still need a 'business' email address?

Over the last few years Google, Social Media platforms and cloud-based providers have done a great job in making it easy for small to medium businesses appear more professional, more easily! 

Social Media accounts, websites that are created in hours not weeks, content marketing platforms and apps that allow for agile and speedy approaches for small and medium businesses are just a few ways you can appear more professional, and also at times, larger than you really are.

This has never been truer than in the email address space. Remember when your options were Webmail, Hotmail or Outlook? Things have changed! Google, through the likes of Gmail, has allowed small to medium businesses to have a professional appearance that is accessible anywhere, at very little cost, with very little technical support or know-how needed.

For example, I've set up email addresses for website clients of mine in a relatively short period of time, I'm talking an hour, not days! Meaning that you're up and running in no time.

But in today's climate, the question is, do you still need a @beanonlinelately.com.au email address to be taken seriously? 

In my opinion, it's not necessary, but it's still really nice to have. I mean you can get away with a website inquiry form without displaying an email address, you can run a social media account like Instagram or Twitter without one and still have credibility in your field.

BUT, if you are interacting in any way with customers, suppliers etc over email, in my opinion there is still something inherently uneasy about receiving an invoice or quote from beanonlinelately@gmail.com.

I know, it's stupid! It really is, I mean what does it really mean in the big scheme of business. To many nothing and more than likely to many more in the years to come, a lot less, as social media platforms move into the business arena, but, to me, at this stage, we're just not there yet...

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